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Time for a change.... WEEK five: KARMA Travel

One of my favorite companies to work for was Starbucks and I still often wish I had stayed there and one of my favorite experiences there was organizing #community give back events. Several times, in several locations I had the opportunity to organize Habitat for Humanity builds with other wonderful Starbucks people. It was an absolute blast, though hard work.

The first time I went to Costa Rica, arriving at the customs area, my co-traveller and I met some guys that were there to build for Habitat for Humanity on their vacation..... remembering how much we enjoyed doing this, we almost scraped our plans to join them, but didn't.....

I have had great opportunity in my life to see a bit of the world from a relatively young age on and as I've matured I try to be thoughtful in the services I choose.... In #Vietnam I took several cooking classes, making sure they were at locals homes #greenbamboocookingschool or ones that benefit struggling populations #lanternscookingschool #hoasuacookingschool...... In Australia, I REALLY wanted to visit the Bob Barker vessel used in Whale Wars and was able to coincide my visit with a Sea Sheppard Conservation benefit. I try to stay at local accommodations, eat at family owned restaurants or street shops, shop local crafts, etc.

I realize that although I like to be aware of others struggles, I often find myself wrapped up in first world problems.... Why did Trader Joes stop carrying chocolate covered cocoa nibs? Why are the blues in a sheet set a little different? Why can't the insoles of one pair of shoes be in the much cuter pair of shoes?

My bucket list has many more #destinations listed to visit and leave my moms ashes, so, I've decided that I need to do more on these travels...... more giving of what I can. Maybe I can pick up trash, cook for someone that is hungry, save an animal, teach a class, help build a house, donate school supplies, give someone that needs one a hug, whatever presents itself. We really are all #connected, even if we don't realize that someone existed, the butterfly effect is real, you never know how different things could've been if someone hadn't tried to do even the smallest thing to alleviate another's suffering. I want to be one of those people.

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