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Time for a change.... WEEK SIX: Be honest in the work I do

The 6th section of my vision board is "Be honest in the work you do." I used to think being honest in the work I do meant that I should work hard, be reliable, don't lie, don't steal and be nice to my co-workers. But especially lately, I've come to realize that being honest in the work I do means being honest to myself about choosing work that I feel good about, working on something I believe in, in an environment that I feel I belong in.... I realized that I needed to change things up, so I have been stalling on this post as I have been completing my 2 week notice at a job that I decided to leave.

Although, we need money to survive and the options can be few depending on your education, experience and other peoples impact on your employment or opportunities, there is a point at which everyone decides what is most important to them and chooses accordingly. Sometimes the easiest is just working at a job that earns you what you need to pay bills, eat, have a roof over your head, get your car running, take care of your family or that even though you may not like it, it is what you have trained your life to do.

I am jumping into the #unknown with a net that I am lucky to have in my life.... someone that believes in me and knows what I am capable of, even when occasionally I am filled with self doubt! I sit here thinking of the advice "Do what you love and find a way to earn money doing it", but I also think that when you do what you love for an income, you may love it a bit less (or maybe just when you do it while working for someone else?). Strangely, I never thought that I would choose to host #wellness #retreats, teach yoga or speak to a group of people. #Baking, yes. Cooking, yes. Guiding #creative expression, yes. Organizing #events and practicing #yoga, yes and yes. Between this, that, another thing and maybe even a part time job at a cafe, I am thrilled and ready to take my passions to the next level and start this new chapter in my life.

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