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Time for a change.... WEEK THREE: Do things that bring me unbridled joy

When I got my puppy a few months back, one of my closest Oregon friends was #delighted. "Oh my goodness, this puppy is full of #unbridled #joy, I love her" were her words. This got me thinking...... I can't remember the last time I felt that; joy yes, but a watered down kind of adult joy. When I feel joy does it last long? Is it like a complete body wag?

Relationships aside, I feel levels of joy when I roller-skate, cook and bake, watch the Amazing Race, read a fantastic book, or practice #yoga. But the things that give me intense joy are taking lyra and trapeze classes (because I was challenging myself and kicking its butt), zip lining through the rain forest (because it made the world feel so big), stand up paddle boarding (because it is so peaceful), seeing Gogol Bordello live (because they get me dancing), swimming with sea turtles (because they are so graceful), traveling ((more on travel soon) because there are so many #amazing things to see), and a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone (because it brings me back home to my mom).

I can't necessarily choose or plan the things that give me this kind of joy, as I think the more you do something or plan something, the more you lose the perfection of it, but I can guide myself to filling my life with more #experiences while keeping a healthy level of caution.

There is a phrase that has been stuck in my mind for the last 7 years or so..... "#Yes changes everything". I don't know where I heard it, but I always remember this when new things come my way. I carried it with me through culinary school, yoga teacher training, a solo trip to Australia, jobs I have started and left, any big opportunities I've had I have reflected back to the words and although there are plenty of moments that ended up Meh, I never would have had the joyful moments either.

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