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Time for a change.... WEEK TWO: Create more opportunities for creativity

I love watching movies and certain shows on TV.... I almost never surf the web and I don't have a smartphone, so, I watch TV. BUT, the only time I feel the need to do this compulsively is when I try to shut down from work. (Hmmmmm, that leads in to another weeks topic, "Be honest in the work you do")! The escape that I seek results in the same #calm as when I craft, bake, cook, or read. It is a focus like no other.

I used to paint because I had wall space to fill for shows. Somewhere along the line, I bought into the notion that the creation of something is for a purpose other than the process. Make money making your #art, make money cooking or baking for others, practice so you get good enough to earn a living doing it. As I have become more self aware, I realize that this is what takes the joy out of #creating for me. I now sell the pastries that I create when I feel it, teach someone to cook in the style that I enjoy, paint or draw and either shred it, store it, give it away or show when I feel like it and for the purpose of being in an environment with artists that re-inspire me. It's nice to make some money doing what you love, but "making art" for the sake of making it is what actually gets me #motivated.

So; after adding it to my vision board; I am setting aside half my TV time to stare at a canvas or some pastels, a pile of felt and a needle, my moms unfinished crocheting projects, my completely untuned viola, bags of flour and sugar, a perfect asparagus spear and fig. Maybe I invite people over for the fruits of the process, maybe you get a package in the mail from me, maybe I sell you something.... I just know that a part of me is in whatever I offer.

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